So, what’s this say about my social life?

Via Thomas Hawk, a study on how to gain popularity on Flickr. The conclusions are nothing we didn’t know already – participation and reciprocity are the key – but their sampling caught my interest:

This base is made of the 50,000 more intensive users, where the intensity of a user was measured by taking the sum of the normalized ranks of a user on each of the functionalities. In this base, the average number of posted photos is 915 (with a maximum of 75,737), of contacts 181, of favorites 270 (received 307), of posted comments 775 (received 751).

My own stats, at the time I write this:

1,824 photos posted
10,480 photos faved
7,928 given

I can’t find totals for faves and comments received, but my 10 most faved and commented photos have 385 faves and 490 comments respectively.

Amazingly, till today I didn’t think of myself as that much of an outlier. But going by the numbers in the study, I’d be somewhere in the top .01% most active users.


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