River in the Woods

River in the Woods
Title: River in the Woods by Me

This is quite possibly the most heavily processed photo I’ve ever posted to Flickr.

It’s frustrating, because this brook is actually a very pretty place, and one of my favorite places in fact. But it’s notoriously difficult to shoot – a gust of wind will cause a lot of movement amongst trees, branches, and leaves, as well as change the alright tough lighting from moment to moment. (The contrast between direct sunlight and shadow is pretty extreme, especially when accounting for the water).

So this is a nine frame tone mapped HDR. This is why the background looks a little less than sharp – the wind blowing through the trees caused some movement from frame to frame. Also, this lens doesn’t do a great job with sharpness around the edges. In this case I like the effect though – gives the whole scene a sense of movement.

Anyway, when that was done, I wasn’t particularly happy with it – mostly because the water looked all splotchy and uneven after the HDR was processed. So I tonemapped a single frame long exposure, and copy and pasted the water from that onto the original HDR image, for a much nicer waterblur. So it’s really a composite of two HDR composites.


One Response to “River in the Woods”

  1. Having just acquired a Sigma 10-20mm last month I was pleased to see the fabulous results you have obtained. I also shoot with the D300 and I find I have to really go at -1.3 EV to get ‘normal’ exposure but not all of the time. For best overall definition and sharpness just wondering which aperture you use. I use F13.

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