Microsoft Releases Pro Photo Tools

Microsoft recently released a new geotagging and metadata editing tool. It uses Windows Live Local for the maps (seriously, how much worse could they possibly have made that name?). It basically does everything that other geotagging tools do – you can synchronize GPS tracks as well as add location data manually, and edit a host of other metadata as well.

One neat thing it does that I haven’t seen elsewhere is (attempt to) extract the city, state, and even street address automatically based on the location. Neat, but not quite groundbreaking.

You can download it here. Windows Only – requires “Windows Genuine Advantage” anti-piracy check to download. I also wouldn’t expect it to be ported to other platforms any time soon.

Long story short – it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but if you haven’t yet gotten into geotagging, it might be worth a look. For myself, I still prefer the freeware tool Geosetter.


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