Morning Fog

Morning Fog
Title: Morning Fog by Me

Ironically, when I first set myself up on Flickr years ago, I wrote in my profile something like “Most of my photos are from Lake George.”

At the time, that was mostly true. Having just gotten my D70 at the time, most of my photos were still 35mm and most of them were shot around Lake George. Mostly because I couldn’t see wasting the film on anything I might find in NJ.

Unfortunately, what happened next was that I entered the real world, no longer had the time to spend more than the occasional weekend at the lake, and digital allowed me the freedom to experiment in ways I wouldn’t have. Pretty soon, my portfolio ballooned with stuff shot in and around where I live in NJ, and these days Lake George is but a tiny sliver of my overall work.

That said, it’s still my favorite place to shoot.

This shot was part luck – it happened that the fog was lifting just as I was walking to get breakfast a couple of weekends ago.

The rest is the magic of lightroom – out of the camera, it was pretty low contrast as you might imagine, with the background washed out. I solved it by maximizing the contrast between the lights and highlights, and leaving the lower half of the tone curve alone. A blue saturation tweak later and I got the photo posted above.


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