The Answer

The Answer
Title: The Answer

Macro lens, direct sunlight for lighting.

But the thing worth discussing here isn’t the technical aspects of the photo, which is kind of dull. This one is all about the subject.

The text is either going to be instantly recognizable to you or it won’t; but it’s a safe bet that if you’re reading this blog, you’re in the former category. The photo is kind of mind as a tribute to both the novel and the author.

This photo also unintentionally brings up the issue of transformational art, something I’ve mostly avoided dealing with to date. This is a photo of copyrighted text after all; someone else’s words. My spin is the words I choose to focus on, and how I’m displaying them. Quite surely fair use in my opinion (or else I would not have posted it), but at the same time the photo is only given real meaning by the text which belongs to someone else. So where does one piece of art end and another begin? Quite honestly it gives me a headache to think about too much, though it’s something worth pondering.


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