Title: Pinecones by Me

I went a little Photoshop happy with this one, so bare with me…

The base image is a low perspective wide angle shot. Of course, I wasn’t really paying attention to the lighting, which sucked (I’m far from perfect here). So the result was that I really really liked the composition and framing, but the colors and contrast were just dull.

After extensive tweaking, dodging, and burning, I still wasn’t happy with it. Eventually I dumped it into Photomatix and made a faux HDR for tonemapping. The result was acceptable, although still off.

I played around with some filters and hue/saturation adjustments, but it still didn’t look right. So I finally tried the Orton effect, and then behold, the photo just jumped.

So it was quite a long journey from my camera to the final image you see above, but all in all I’m pleased with the result.


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