Photoshop Express

The Wall
Title: The Wall

Yesterday Adobe launched a Photoshop Express (beta, apparently for Web 2.0 street cred), its first into the world of web based image editing.

The name is a bit misleading; it offers but a tiny sliver of the features and functionality Photoshop offers or even those of the watered down Photoshop Elements (though I’ll note that the correction tools that are present are excellent). It’s basically a fun sort of toy – a way to apply a bunch of neat special effects to photos, but it’s nothing that’s about to supplant Adobe’s desktop applications. I won’t attempt a full review here – instead I’ll just suggest you go play with the test drive to see what it can do.

I’ve begun playing with a little, it’s certainly a slick application – not surprising, since part of Adobe’s goal is no doubt to showcase their Flash and Flex technologies. In that vein, there’s no doubt there’s an Air version in the pipeline too.

It’ll be interesting to see when and how Adobe integrates this into their existing suite of desktop products. Integration with Lightroom, for example, could make this into a killer product (for me, anyway), depending on how they do it. For the moment though, there there’s nothing here to steal me away from Picnik, which I’ve recently become quite enamored with.


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