To Meditate
Title: To Meditate by Me

I’ve gone through and replaced everything for sale in my Imagekind Gallery with uncompressed TIFF images. I doubt that there’s the slightest discernible difference from the JPG’s that were there, but I figure I owe it to anyone who does buy a print to get the very highest quality image that I can possibly offer.

Which brings me  to my question of the day, in case any of my few readers have some good ideas – how can I better market my work? And by that, I don’t necessarily mean “make money”, but rather how can I bring more traffic to my Flickr stream and/or this blog? I’m about as active as I can possibly be in terms of commenting and such, and getting reciprocal traffic (appreciating others’ work is something that I happen to immensely enjoy doing anyway), and consequently the traffic I get is pretty flat. Does anyone have any good tips or thoughts as to how I might actually grow my traffic? It would be much appreciated.

The photo, unbelievably, was shot in between a shopping mall and a highway.  It’s a little slice of something beautiful in the suburban landscape.


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