All the Colors of the Rainbow

All the colors of the rainbow
Title: All the Colors of the Rainbow by Me

One of the aims here was to give some insight into how the photos I post were taken; as it turns out that’s something I rarely do. But with this post, I’ll fix that.

The crayons were arranged on a white piece of paper and arranged, of course, according to the rainbow. I used natural sunlight coming through a window, which in my mind gives the reddest reds, yellowest yellows, etc. Most importantly, it gave plenty of light to essentially wash out the white paper (it did take a little further highlight tweaking in post). I used my macro lens with a nice small aperture to get a decent depth of field. I actually do have an alternate version where the entirety of the crayons are in focus, but all in all I like this one better.

And that’s how it was taken.


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