So I didn’t post anything over the weekend

300,000,000 meters a second
Title: 3,000,000 Meters a Second by me.

Usually if I know I won’t be around, I’ll write a couple of entries and post date them, so as not to break my post-a-day string, but this weekend kind of caught me by surprise with regards to how busy I was. I thought about cheating and putting up some backdated posts today, but I thought better of it. As I see it, I had a 100+ post unbroken string, which is pretty good. I’m allowed to miss a day now and then. And most importantly, no one complained.

This is a five second exposure, standing in a store parking lot on the side of a highway, with a view of New York City in the distance. It was windy as heck though, so I don’t think the result is as sharp as it ought to be; pretty much everything was moving, and even the camera might have jiggled a little with the shutter open. I keep meaning to go back and essentially retake this, but I haven’t gotten around to it as of yet.


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