The Difficulty With Commenting

A Pile of Rocks
TItle: A Pile of Rocks

If there’s one thing that I feel guilty about, it’s the comments that I leave on others’ photos.

It’s not that I don’t comment enough – quite the opposite. I’m a prolific commenter – surfing Flickr is my ultimate time killing activity. I fave every photo that I like, and try to leave a comment as well (I hate drive-by faves). The problem is that, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have any formal art training and what little of it I’ve been exposed to leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So while I like many photos, I lack the vocabulary to really explain what appeals to me about them, or to offer a real critique or constructive comment. “Beautiful!” “Fantastic!” “Awesome capture!” are all nice, but they really don’t say anything of substance, and yet I can rarely think of anything else to add.

I don’t know how to fix that problem.

The photo is, as my uber-creative title implies, a photo of a rock pile. I increased the contrast in Lightroom to bring out the different textures and colors.


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