Shooting Locations

The Parking Lot
Title: The Parking Lot

For my many rants about how the lack of interesting places and things to shoot around here, I think I’m remarkably successful working with what I have. As a case in point, fully 120+ of the photos I have on Flickr were taken in or near this parking lot, either as I arrive at work or before I leave at the end of the day. It’s either a testament to my creativity, or a testament to my lack of a life. Hmmm…

In some other news, a note on copyright. I’ve begun licensing my images on Flickr under a Creative Commons license again after a hiatus from the practice for most of the last year. To be more specific, the 800px or smaller versions of my photos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike license. In my mind, this is big enough for screen viewing or to make a decent enough desktop wallpaper (though I realize it’s not quite desktop resolution for most monitors, sorry). You’re quite free to blog them, share them, or use them in your own CC licensed content.

If you need a bigger version, just ask – I have a difficult time thinking of something I’d say no to, including commercial purposes. I’d love to make the full resolution versions freely available – I’m mostly restricting it due to the reality that there are some fairly unscrupulous commerical pirates out there who mine Flickr for stock images. Holding on to the high res images seems to be the only way I can enforce the “Attribution” and “Noncommercial” terms of the license.


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