Niagara Falls Panoramic

Niagara Falls Panoramic

As I said a few posts ago, I was saving the best for last.

I suppose it’s debatable whether or not this particular image is really the best, due to the heavy image distortions between the center and either end of it, but I actually really like the effect. As it’s stitched together from eleven separate frames representing a 180+ degree view of the falls, such things are to be expected. As a night shot goes, I could hardly ask for anything better – especially since it was shot through windows.

(The Skylon Tower, where I shot it from, does offer a view sans windows. But let me put it this way – it was night, it was less than 20 degrees at ground level, and that was around 300 feet in the air. I valiantly attempted to do some shots out in that cold, but attempts were all they were before I high tailed it back inside to the warmth.)

There’ll be a couple more Niagara Falls shots tomorrow, but they’re just alternate versions of shots I posted already (basically, those’ll be the shots I should have put up in the first place). It was a good run, but this is basically it for Niagara Falls – it’ll be on to something new after this.

Frames: 11
Exposure: 8″ a piece
Aperture: f/3.5
Focal Length: 18mm


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