Mountain Clouds

Mountain Clouds

I find that I’m constantly going through my whole archive of photos for one reason or another, usually because I’m always changing my mind about how I want to organize the library. One day I’ll learn to leave well enough alone, because as my archive is constantly getting bigger, this task becomes more and more laborious. (On the bright side, finding a particular image keeps getting easier and easier.)

One thing I’ve noticed this time around isn’t just how much my camera and post processing skills have improved over time, but also just how much photos that I thought were good at the time just aren’t. I’m not sure why that is – either my eye has gotten better, or I’ve become more self critical as time has gone on (probably both). I still have some amazing images dating back to my earliest days as a photographer (I call this luck), but these days I kind of cringe looking at most of my older stuff.

So with that in mind I thought I’d return to one of my old ones today, and spare my blog readers from yet another Niagara Falls pic (you can still check out the latest on my Photostream though). This was shot on Prospect Mountain near Lake George one rather rainy Columbus Day weekend – the cloud layer was only about a hundred feet above my head here.

Exposure: 1/160″
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 100mm


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