Flowing into a frozen river

Flowing into a frozen River

See? I told you there were some better photos of Niagara Falls in the pipeline. This was shot with my wide angle lens and cropped to make the panoramic. The weather conditions just kind of lend themselves to black and white, owing to the lack of contrast or vivid colors to begin with.

On a completely separate note, I’ve reorganized my “My Faves” sets. Previously I’d given the D300 its own set, but now I’ve split it up by year. I think it works better like this, though it sort of underscores for me that 2008 has sucked so far. More than half of my favorite photos I’ve taken with the D300 were done in December and grouped with 2007, revealing just how little I’ve done in 2008 so far. In any case, you can check them all out as part of my My Best collection.

Exposure: 1/250″
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 20mm


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