Those who’ve been following my Flickr Photostream might have noticed that the photos from Niagara Falls that I’ve shared to date are somewhat less than stellar. They’re not especially original, and even on the technical merits they’re lacking (sharpness in particular seems to have eluded me).

I blame the conditions – I was only there for a day really, so it was shoot then or not at all, and share what I have or nothing at all. This first set is primarily from the evening, when I had little real light to work with. It was also cloudy, windy, and as I’ve mentioned before cold, so I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired to stand there and get perfect photos. I was also battling mist that was being kicked up by the falls and being carried downwind, constantly getting my lens wet.

On the bright side though, it’s given me an opportunity to get a little more creative in post processing than I would if the photos were better to begin with. Here, I upped the contrast and adjusted the white balance for a blueish tinge, which I think gives it an extra wintery feel

I do have a couple of really good ones coming though, I promise – I always like to save the best for last.

Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 20mm


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