Given that I’m not a winter person, and in fact that the season is something I rant on fairly frequently, you might be surprised that I opted to take a vacation in February. To Canada.

Well, I have a simple explanation for this: I’m insane. Completely, unequivocably, insane.

The cold was biting. The weather… well, it wasn’t bad for the time of year, but the snow flurries were pretty constant. And it was cold. Did I mention the cold? Yeah.

But, although said, it was a good trip. I do like traveling in the off season and not having to deal with crowds, and the falls are a pretty amazing sight in winter. I didn’t take quite as many photos, or as many creative ones, as I might have had it not been freezing, but I’m still reasonably pleased with the images I’ll be uploading over the next week or so.

This is one of the first shots I took upon getting there, overlooking the American falls from the Canadian side. The effect is split toning to give it an old tyme sort of feel.

Did I mention how f-in cold it was?

Exposure: 1/4″
Aperture: f/25
Focal Length: 12mm


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