Far From Home

Far From Home

So yesterday I returned from a couple of days at Niagara Falls. Pictures from there will come in a few days, but today I want to rant about about the eight hour drive it took to get there.

Yesterday, I passed through some absolutely beautiful landscapes, visible even from the interstates. But because I was driving, I could barely do more than glance at them. I couldn’t even pull over to look at them and take a photo, because you can’t do that on an interstate. And though I was tempted more than once to take side roads for just this purpose, that risked adding hours to an already painfully long drive.

One could almost enjoy a road trip if you could appreciate the land you’re passing through, but from the car this strikes me as almost impossible. Instead, it’s just a long time of sitting on your butt with all the stress that normally comes with driving. Yet there’s no real alternative in this country for this kind of trip. It’s too close to fly, and the US simply doesn’t have a high speed rail network that’s typical of the rest of the world.

Anyway, the above photo has nothing to do with my trip, it’s simply a leaf found in a local park, far from whatever tree it must have fell from.

Exposure: 1/500″
Aperture: f/11
Focal Length: 12mm


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