Full disclosure: I’m not a great photographer.

It’s occurred to me that by virtue of the fact that I make an attempt to write about it here, I often wind up tooting my own horn a lot and consequently I leave the impression that I think my shots are all that.

So in the interests of being honest: I’m not a great photographer. Sure, I’m competent enough at it I suppose, and much of my work is pretty good, and I’m proud of most of it. But there are photographers who are way better than. They’re more creative. They’re more artistic. They’re technical masters. Etc.

I can claim none of that – I rarely have a vision for the photo I’m trying to capture before snapping the shutter. I probably rely too heavily on post processing. All in all, I’d say I’m about average. But there’s no shame in that, so I keep blogging.

The photo was shot on a foggy winter’s day. It’s perhaps a little too dark, and it could stand to be sharper, and there’s a couple of extra branches that snuck into the frame on the right side that spoil the composition. But, I like it.

Exposure: 1/160″
Aperture: f/6.3


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