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It’s funny that no matter what I do, this photo looks crooked. Of course, that’s because nothing in it is actually parallel or straight as it ought to be. The sidewalk had a bump, the parking meters didn’t stand up straight, and the fence was uneven, and altering that in Photoshop is just more trouble than it’s worth. So instead I just try to view the crookedness as part its charm.

I took this from across the street of a rather large construction yard, on a beautiful, colorful, clear, too-hot summer’s day last August. I miss those kind of days. I’ll confess I upped the saturation of the sky in Lightroom, as it was a little washed out in the original and I think it’s a lot better with the color.

Beyond that, there’s just something I like about this one. Can’t quite explain what it is, but it’s one of my favorite (and in my mind, under appreciated) photos I have on Flickr.

Exposure: 1/400″
Aperture: f/10
Focal Length: 35mm


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