Forest Winter

Forest Winter

I hate winter.

First of all, it’s cold. I hate the cold.

Secondly, my creative output always takes a dive this time of year, and this year is so far proving to be no exception. The months of January and February are months of perpetual gray and dullness, with little to no usable sunlight anywhere to be found. The landscape just transforms into this dark, muddy, ugly thing – even uglier than NJ normally is.

Thirdly, on top of that there’s SAD, brought on by those short, cold, gray days, which really cripples motivation and creativity, as well as just makes me feel funky for weeks on end.

And fourthly, as photogenic as snow often is, it’s more a pain in the ass than not. There’s the whole digging your car out thing only to drive on icy roads, which really lowers any enthusiasm I might feel about getting pictures of it. And by the time it’s safe enough to actually go out, it’s already turned black anyway. Plus, it’s cold.

The above was shot in the winter, a few years ago. If the white balance seems off, it’s because I hadn’t yet learned to shoot in RAW – but in this case I actually like the cool colors.

Exposure: 1/100″
Aperture: f/4
Focal Length: 38mm


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