Perched on a Leaf

Perched on a Leaf

I love shooting insects.

First of all, they’re challenging. You have to spot them. They’re small, so that’s no easy. They rarely stay in one place long enough to take a photo. Macro photographer is tough in it’s own right; focusing on nearby small objects and keeping them in focus while you take the picture is hard enough when the subject isn’t hopping around.

Secondly, and mostly, I just think they’re neat. There’s absolutely nothing on the human scale that looks quite as alien as an insect; a good macro shot really highlights how strange looking that world is.

This little guy was kind enough to let me take his picture with very little fuss.

Exposure: 1/200″
Aperture: f/13


One Response to “Perched on a Leaf”

  1. Perfect shot. Insects are such interesting subjects, but you’re absolutely right. I find them almost impossible to catch.

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