Is It Food?

Is it food?

Nighttime at a zoo isn’t a particularly good place to take photos, mostly as I haven’t yet completely gotten the hang of night photography with the D300. The camera has some real strengths as that goes, but I need more practice.

Most of the animals were asleep, but this guy was grazing in his pen. A beautiful elk, standing majestic – and even better, in direct light. It’d still have to be a longer exposure, but not undoable given how still he was standing.

“Sweet!” I thought. The only issue was that there was a fence between me and him – but this was easily solvable, as the holes were almost big enough to get a camera lens through.

So I lined up the tripod, got the camera right up to the fence, lined up the shot, and… he spotted me, and came to investigate. It seems he thought the camera was food, given his attempt to lick it (luckily I pulled back before he was in reach). So rather than get the shot of a majestic grazing animal that I’d planned, I wound up with the shot above – a big photo of his nose, through a fence, with the on camera flash.

On the bright side, the kids were thrilled that I’d gotten him to walk over.

Exposure: 1/60″
Aperture: f/4.8
Focal Length: 48mm
Lighting: On Camera Flash


One Response to “Is It Food?”

  1. […] picture I got of the any of the lights, and the animals were all sleeping and poorly lit (cept for this guy). Still, it was fun, even if I didn’t wind up with much worth […]

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