Sun Over Suburbia

Sun Over Suburbia

It’s occurred to me that as the size of my body of work grows, it gets harder and harder to direct any attention to any given image from my archives. I can make an effort to feature more work from my archives here on this blog, but honestly I can count the number of visitors I’m getting here on my fingers. The lion’s share of attention given to my work takes place on Flickr, and it’ll continue to be that way for the foreseeable future.

But on Flickr, there’s definitely a tyranny of the new, and to a lesser extent a tyranny of the interesting. What’s new eventually isn’t anymore, and interestingness begets interestingness. Stuff that’s neither new nor among the most interesting tends to fade to nothingness. It’s rather sad.

I shot this while I was taking a walk a few weeks ago, and uploaded it yesterday. It hasn’t garnered much by way of attention, so I suspect that within a few days it’ll be off the first page and never looked at again. Kind of a depressing thought.

Exposure: 1/800″
Aperture: f/14
Focal Length: 25mm


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