Highway to Hell

(AKA, the Garden State Parkway)

Highway to Hell (AKA, the Garden State Parkway)

I commute on this most every day – “hell” might be too kind a word, but I digress.

The tricky part with this kind of shot is that you basically have to guess at what will be a proper exposure. The camera’s light meter is all but useless because it’s thrown off by oncoming car headlights. Since I knew I was going for a long exposure, I picked my shutter speed (twenty seconds, in this case), and took many exposures at different apertures. This happened to be the best of that set.

Some other things to note about the above image: I was standing on a bridge, under a street light which helped to illuminate the foreground – that’s why the grass is green, not black (at least if your monitor isn’t too dark). Also, credit goes to typical New Jersey light pollution as well as regular pollution towards creating a pink night sky rather than a black one….

And finally, night photography is where the Nikon D300 really shines over my D70. I shot this at 14-bit RAW – the dynamic range is incredible and I’d never have been able to pick up as much detail with the D70 (in my subjective experience, at least).

Exposure: 20″
Aperture: f/11
Focal Length: 18mm


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