Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

When you’re doing long exposures, you can never be 100% sure what you’re going to get. It was kind of a surprise to me that the subject of this photo would be the two kids in front, who stood still enough for multiple seconds so as not to appear as a blurry blob like most of the rest of the crowd.

I also feel that their poses add a lot to the composition, because there’s a certain ambiguity to them. Is the boy crying or sobbing? What’s going through the girl’s head?

But the point here is that it’s all fairly happenstance – shooting a crowd like this, there was no way I could have predicted the result, let alone planned for it. Luck plays a bigger role in most images than most photographers would care to admit.

Exposure: 2″
Aperture: f/25
Focal Length: 28mm


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