The Tree That Refused To Believe It Was Winter

The tree that refused to believe it was winter
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Allow me to rant for a moment on the seasons this past year.

You see, I like the fall. The weather cools off and the leaves change, bringing gorgeous color to the landscape. That didn’t happen this year.

First of all, it was a long summer. And by long, I mean it still felt like summer into the middle of November. I waited through the whole month of October for the leaves to change, but at the end of the month it was still green.

The switch finally came towards the end of November. The week of Thanksgiving. And, it rained the whole time, heavily. By the time I had the time and a dry enough day to head out with my camera, the leaves were basically gone.

Now, the long summer might have been tolerable if it meant a mild winter. But a few days later, we got our first snow. I hate snow. Sure, when you’re a kid you live for snow days, and even as an adult I appreciate a white landscape. But these days it means shoveling, digging out my car, and driving on slick icy roads. Ick. And since then, the winter has been anything but mild – we’ve pretty consistently had snow on the ground since as well as near or below freezing temperatures.

So, the real reason this tree still has some of its leaves is because it never quite got the cue from the weather to drop them in a timely manner. But in my mind, it’s rebelling against crazy weather, the changing climate, and the winter. It’s saying, “I’m going to have an autumn, even if it’s in January.”

And I respect that. Go tree.

Exposure: 1/160″
Aperture: f/6.3


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