Foggy Green

Foggy Green

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I like sunny days.

I like the bright, vibrant colors that come with direct sunlight. I like to shoot shadows, contrasts, and the sun itself. Plus, you know, they’re just all around pleasant days to be outside shooting pictures. And usually when it’s not sunny, I’ll just sit inside and grumble about the weather, annoyed that it’s such a bad picture taking day.

Turns out I was an idiot all this time, and have been missing out on getting some fantastic images  simply because I didn’t like to go outside when the weather was bad.

It was drizzling when I took this photo, and it was cold. I hadn’t intended to take pictures when I left the house – but the scene presented me with the perfect combination of diffused light, snow, mist, and fog. Personally, I think the results are gorgeous, as I hope you’ll see for yourself when I get around to uploading the rest of the photos from that day.

So, tip of the day: As far as shooting goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad photographers. I for one plan to start shooting in the rain a lot more often.

Exposure: 1/100″
Aperture: f/5


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