Like a Monkey

Like a Monkey

One of the biggest sins our society is committing is robbing children of their childhood. Once upon a time, parents would open the front door in the morning and give their children free reign of the neighborhood, with little concern for what they did or where they went, so long as they returned in one piece by dinnertime. These days though, children aren’t even allowed to play in the front yard for the completely irrational fear that they’ll be snatched off the street by a stranger. Children are no longer allowed to explore or discover on their own, they’re shielded from any and all risks and dangers, much to their detriment.

Nowhere is this seismic cultural shift more clear than in the nation’s playgrounds. When I was growing up – and this wasn’t even that long ago, I’m talking about the very late 80’s through the early 90’s – the kind of playground pictured above was pretty typical. They were made of wood, metal, or even concrete, and filled with things to climb on, swing on, jump on around and over, and just provided fuel for the imagination. The amount of fun I had on such playgrounds is too much to recount. But since then, they’ve all been systematically replaced by unimaginative, uninspired crap more along the lines of this mold. They’re small, it’s plastic, and its just not fun. (For another great photojournalistic view of this depressing phenomenon, see the tragic death of the coolest playground ever).

So I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across this place in a nearby town. I didn’t really stop to take pictures as much as I did to simply have a look. I was amazed such an awesome playground still existed; though unfortunately I can’t escape the feeling that this one too will be gone in a few years time.

Exposure: 1/60″
Aperture: f/3.8
Focal Length: 20mm


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