Stand Out

Stand Out
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Just some quick notes as to the contents of this blog:

  1. Information about the equipment used for each photo is now included by category. So you can, for example, navigate by lens used or camera body. Information about camera settings will continue to be included in the footer of each post.
  2. On the subject of categories, I’ve also created one called “Tips”, which I’d hope is self explanatory, but in case it’s not – that’s the category for all posts which include bona-fide photography tips for people who are actually looking to learn something amidst my many ramblings.
  3. All the photos themselves are hosted on Flickr, and link directly to their page on Flickr. I appreciate all comments, critiques, and faves you might choose to leave there. If the image is available as a print or for stock photography, you’ll find separate links there as well.
  4. From now on, post tags will refer exclusively to post content, rather than the image. There’s extensive metadata about all of my photos on Flickr – they’re all tagged, geotagged, dated, and organized on my Photostream, so it should be relatively easy to find whatever you’re looking for through there.

Now, to say something about the image above (one of my favorites from 2007).

This was shot last summer in Washington Square Park in New York City, using my Tamron 18-200mm at full zoom. One of the criticisms on the lens is that it’s not very sharp, relatively speaking – but I’ve found that the trade off is that it delivers an awesome bokeh for depth of field shots like this. The focus is on the flower, but it’s the watercolor-like background that really makes this image for me.

Exposure: 1/400″
Aperture: f/6.3


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