Suburbia is awash with some of the most dull and uninspired structures imaginable. It’s dominated by streets, houses, and buildings that are among some of the ugliest sights I’ve ever seen, yet for some reason appeal to the bourgeois suburbanites that live there, who are apparently disturbed by the thought of real culture, art, or nature.

From a purely photographic perspective, one of the more fascinating exceptions to this state of affairs is pylons of the sort pictured here. I’m not sure why – I think their geometry is just innately appealing. Their shape does go above and beyond the purely functional. Someone put some thought into how they’d look, and made sure they’d be interesting to look at as they cut across the landscape, if not quite appealing. Patterns of lines, angles, and shapes almost always make for effective photographs, and these structures offer them in spades.

For this photo, I pointed the camera straight up and stood a little off center just to make all the beams come into view.

Nikon D70, 50mm, 1/250″ at f/4.


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